What to see and do during your stay on Sainte Marie Island.

Whale watching whale safari

Sainte Marie Island is THE place to discover and observe humpback whales (megaptera novaengliae). From June to the end of September, you will have the chance to see groups of humpback whales (megaptera) coming from Antarctica in the Sainte Marie channel to reproduce from the end of June to the beginning of October.

Must-see sites

The sand islands are just opposite the villa Sacred site of 3 islands in the middle of the sea, covered with birds depending on the season. Sacred site of 3 coral islands: it is forbidden to come there on Tuesdays and Thursdays Ideal place for swimming, diving, snorkeling.The island of mats Discovery of its heavenly beaches and picturesque villagesThe waterfalls 1st waterfall very easy to access 10 km from the city, west of Sainte Marie island (swimming), 2nd sacred waterfall, northwest of Sainte Marie island (Fady petite walk), 3rd sacred waterfall, is hidden in the center, very few people know it (compulsory guide because very difficult to access)The natural pools These 100 meter long seawater pools are created by a rocky barrier. On the west coast at the far north of the island. The natural pool is a sacred place.The Paradise of Ampanihy Mangroves to cross by canoe to arrive on a large, deserted white sand beach. Do not miss to eat at Nono or Chef Samson a crab or a chicken with coconut.

The city

The daily life in town.The fruit, vegetable, meat and spice market Located in the city center in Ambodifotatra, every day.The Malagasy craft betsileos market, many bric a brac, thrift stores and Chinese products in the city center in Ambodifotatra.The Port Barachois arrival of boats from the mainland and the Tourist Office.

Historical monuments

The first catholic church in Madagascar (1857) is just at the entrance of the city. Restored in 2022.
The pirate cemetery Located just before the town (entrance fee) Around 1700, Sainte-Marie Island (Nosy Boraha) was the home port of around twenty ships and the home of a thousand of pirates. Redeveloped site, canoe trip to Ilot Forbans, do not miss its belvedere with an incredible panoramic view.The Eiffel lighthouse is located at the extreme north of the island of Sainte-Marie on the road to the natural swimming pools, the ALBRAND lighthouse (representing France, (1795-1826), was built in 1931 by the Eiffel company .The Blevec lighthouse dating from 1914, this lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in Madagascar, inherited from France.Ilot Madame Residence of the Governor of France in the 19th century which was itself built on the former site of Queen Betty's palace. By her marriage, Queen Betty with the French corporal La Bigorne, officially ceded Sainte-Marie Island to France in 1750. Small museum.Fort of the possession above the city Ambodifotatra It dominates the Îlot Madame and the Baie des Forbans. Inaccessible to the public because it is currently occupied by the Malagasy army.
Kitesurfing Sainte Marie Island in Madagascar

Kitesurfing at Sainte Marie Island

car rental 4l holiday's Ile Sainte Marie

Car rental

For all your trips you can rent one of the 4L Holidays at Ravoraha 300 meters from the airport.SEE HERE+261 32 58 471 24 [email protected] Convenient, this can be dropped off directly at your villa before your arrival.
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Golf at Sainte Marie Island

The Ile Sainte Marie golf course is located 30 minutes from Villa Boraha. In Betona at the eastern exit of Ambodifotatra (the city).The golf course on Sainte Marie Island is called 'COMPACT'.Currently it has 9 holes to play out of 9. It is a relatively short course by its distances but very interesting to play by the many difficulties which characterizes it.Turbulent profile of the fairways, narrowness in some cases, lush vegetation and water hazards.Contact: +261(0)340181137 Mr Jagoul in town
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The Ankarena loop Hike of about 2 hours, from your beach going south (on your right) Along the beach and its large lagoon for 1km, then cross a small forest up the hill after the Bora Kite discover it a small sacred waterfall. At the top turn left and cross the Ankarena forest, by the paved road and at the crossroads go down again towards the main western road, discover there a superb panoramic view of the sea and the rice fields... Cross the Mangalomasoa village and at the Vohilava church turn right along the path and at the left intersection towards the Paradise club hotel you will arrive at Villa Boraha. Hike shortened in 1 hour: after the waterfall at the top turn right at the foot of the big house to return north by a small ridge path to Villa Boraha.Forest of Ikalao A guide from Sainte Marie will guide you through this forest. Fairly difficult hike. One of the three forest massifs of Sainte Marie Island, the primary forest of Ikalalao is nestled in the center west of the island. Flora endemic to Sainte Marie Island.
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Scuba diving on Sainte Marie Island.

The 18 dive sites to meet rays, groupers, triggerfish, reef sharks, turtles, moray eels, jacks, snappers... Scuba diving is an extraordinary experience that transports you to another world. The colorful coral reefs are home to an incredible variety of marine life. You will be amazed by the diversity and beauty of this fragile ecosystem. Explore the submerged wreck and let your imagination go back in time. Between June and September live an unforgettable moment by diving while listening to the song of humpback whales.