RATES 2024 -Booking Villa Boraha

Best rate guaranteed on our own site, for romantic, family or group stays.

villa BORAHA



2 people 85€/night

400 000ar/night

3 people 100€/night

470 000ar/night

4 people 115€/night

540 000ar /night

5 people 130€/night

610 000ar /night

6 people 145€/night

680 000 ar/night

7 people 160€/night

750 000 ar/night

8 people 175€/night

820 000 ar/night

9 people 190€/night

890 000 ar/night

10 people 200€/night

1 000 000 ar /night


Villa ANKARENA €150 per night for 1 to 4 people

The ANKARENA villa 700,000ar per night for 1 to 4 people


Welcome transfer on arrival at the airport 30,000 ar (6€50) for 1 to 3 people (in tuk tuk)
Welcome transfer on arrival at the port 50,000 ar (10€) for 1 to 3 people (tuk tuk)

Booking conditions

You can book online by credit card on this secure site, or contact us and pay during the day, by bank transfer, Orange Money or Mvola.
Booking conditions 2 nights minimumFull payment upon booking via Amenitiz and Stripe (via this fully secure site)Check in, 3 p.m. earlier if available.
Check out 11 a.m. maximum.The payment of the deposit is equivalent to full acceptance of our booking conditions.
A pre-authorization of €250 serving as a deposit will be blocked on the day of your arrival but not debited, for online payments on our site.It will be released on the day of departure or in the event of cancellation, if no damage is to be deplored. Any missing or broken object will be invoiced at the value of new replacement.If payment by mobile (orange money, Mvola, by transfer or on another platform) a deposit of 1,000,000 ar or 250€ will be required.There will be no access to the villa without this deposit.As required by the authorities, as at the hotel, a police card and an identity document will be requested for each of the guests. No outside person is authorized to stay in the villa, apart from the initially planned clientele having filled out a police form. Notify the manager in case of additional person.
Cancellation of stayREFUNDABLE: NO Reservation non-refundable under any circumstances, excluding personal insurance.MODIFIABLE: YES, 7 days at the latest before the date of arrival, modification costs 45€ or 200,000 ar.Modifiable within a maximum of 6 months of the original scheduled arrival date, and this at the new rate in force on the new date of stay, if and only if the cancellation takes place 7 days at the latest before the date of arrival. 'arrival.Less than 7 days before arrival, the stay will therefore no longer be modifiable and still non-refundable.In the event of interruption of the stay for whatever reason, there is no need for reimbursement or modification of the date of stay. All reservations are firm and definitive without any possibility of reimbursement of the sums paid, for cancellation whatever the reason, even in the event of force majeure such as non-delivery or departure from the island by boat, plane, illness...We invite our customers to take out personal travel cancellation insurance of their choice to compensate for this.