solar house Ecolodge ile Sainte Marie Madagascar

Environmentally friendly

This large villa is eco-responsible because it is completely self-sufficient in energy. The villa is powered by an efficient solar system and served by rainwater and spring water from our well.
This house is ecological, we have many solar panels on the roof, which allows us to be self-consumption, we consume the electricity we produce (solar energy produced by the panels) for the house, the garden, etc.This house is ecological we have many solar panels on the roof which allows us to be self-consumption The power supply is via European 220V sockets and this 24 hours a day.
eco friendly madagascar

Our ecological actions

Installation of septic tanks without chemicals.
Presence of mosquito net which replaces the use of insecticides
Use of low consumption light bulbs, coffee maker and non-electric kettle.
Regularly we clean up, beach cleaning, waste sorting, no air conditioning
No weedkillers or pesticides.
  We only use eco responsible straws.
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During your stay and without realizing it or being aware of it, you will take on the role of a supportive traveler, committed to sustainable tourism.Indeed, in addition to the villa respecting the environment, your stay will benefit the local communities, you will support them through their work, thanks to your stay (maid, gardener, caretakers, masseuses, fishermen, fruit and vegetable sellers, craftsmen, vehicle rental...)On our side, we directly help and support the villagers, with our previous experience, having created and run the most renowned ecolodge on the island of Sainte Marie; having financed the school fees of 100 students for 13 years, collected school supplies, clothes and medicines, financed toilets, ...Today, we are still committed to helping the villagers through various actions, via the villa thanks to your stay.
Next action for the purpose of solidarity tourism and for the sake of ecology, we intend to have it done on site and offer washable period towels to women.You can also leave us your various donations (clothing, glasses, medicines, school supplies)